Stay curious.

communicatively different.

Human network is no conventional communication agency.
We link different skills so that something outstanding can develop.

cumminicatively different.

Human network is no conventional communication agency.
We link different skills so that something outstanding can develop.

cumminicatively different.

Human network is no conventional communication agency.
We link different skills so that something outstanding can develop.

What we do

An audience is no target you hit accidentally.

In times of increasing digitalization the strongest (most important) form of communication still remains the direct contact. This is our attitude. We show stages and platforms where companies and institutions can develop emotional power. And connect people who have more connecting factors than they have thought of so far. We give them stories which correspond to them.

Storytelling follows storymaking

Which do not only touch people but which people, above all, will believe. And we join you with others so that more things can develop which have a positive effect.


When we had the idea to combine all our knowledge we used the code name „space cowboys“.

How we do it

Ideas, content, initiative

No conventional agency but a company for ideas, content, initiative. We stand for the extraordinary, the new, the impulse. We work communicatively, strategically, creatively. Sometimes


The right questions.
And: question the right ones.

we are only interpreters of what you really want to say. It is about concepts, possibilities, and partnerships.
And quality, of course.

Who we are

That's what you get: All heads.

Human Network exemplifies what distinguishes a good network - with a combined experience of over 100 years in entrepreneurship, marketing and communication. We stand for excellence at eye level, for concentrated knowledge that cannot be duplicated. At home in Stuttgart, but with vision.

An experience that we have already put at the service of several European global brands: Allianz, AMG, Audi, BASF, Bentley, BMW, Bosch, Bundesdruckerei, Deutsche Bank, Haniel, KPMG, Lidl, Maserati, Mercedes, Porsche, PSA Group, Roche, Skoda, USM, Voith, Vorwerk, Wintershall, Zeiss.


Old wise/white men. Should you be discriminated against due to the color of your hair?

The Networker

Manfred Boschatzke does not appreciate anything more than personal contact. A convinced networker. With this gift, his curiosity and many brilliant ideas he has made a career at Allianz – from his commercial apprenticeship through to becoming the manager in marketing and sponsoring questions of Allianz.


„Ideas, content, initiative.“

Behind everything he launches and further develops there must be a credible and trustworthy story. Also as managing partner at Human Network he is inexorable in this respect.

Vita Manfred Boschatzke


The Content Nomad

Elmar Brümmer in his job as a journalist travels around the world twice a year, mostly with Formula 1. Naturally the creativity is faster than you think. Therefore he thinks bigger, not only in stories for newspapers and magazines. But what he likes most is to develop himself.
Namely rather successful as an entrepreneur

„Only those who experience stories can make them possible.“

and Creative Director in the corporate and content marketing section magazines, books, films, digital platforms.
As a partner at Human Network he uses exactly these skills: thinking with regards to content, developing creative concepts, keeping an eye on projects.

Vita Elmar Brümmer

The Entrepreneur

Jürgen Schlensog is the born entrepreneur, decisive and always in forward motion. A financial expert with a lot of interests and his own companies in various fields. Additionally, Schlensog makes his passion a profession:

„Bad experiences you can make somewhere else more than enough.“

He ist he head of the jazzopen Stuttgart. As managing partner he contributes to Human Network by using his personal connections with economy, culture, and sports.
And a great deal of experience.

Vita Jürgen Schlensog


The Interpreter

Reiner Schloz considers nothing human alien to him. Even when he was a sports journalist he was more interested in people, reactions and relations than in the action on the pitch. That is how one can gather experience. Being an entrepreneur in the field of corporate and content marketing he has therefore seen himself as an interpreter:

„A hashtag is still no content“

between customers and the target groups out there who show an interest and shall understand. As a partner at Human Network he takes this part again. So that everything developed here will have the desired effect.

Vita Reiner Schloz

Associated Partner

Our man in Beijing

Pei-Jun Cheng is a prime example of our network: he flatters our age average. He grew up in Stuttgart and is therefore a real Swabian - a reliable, dynamic lateral thinker. The business expert has had an impressive career at Allianz, which has taken him back to his old home. He maintains good contacts there and wants to make a difference with us as Associated Partner. Such a familiar point of contact in Beijing is highly interesting for a network.

Vita Pei-Jun Cheng


How to network

We know how things work. How can we help?

The only thing we expect is that you are willing to check your ideas and, if necessary, throw them overboard. If it is about (questions like) positive perception, inside view, communication with customers and staff, self-conception, or the interaction of sympathy and permanent success.
Have doors opened and ways shown you still do not see – in the midst of your daily work.


How to keep in Touch

The good tone

The German-Ecuadorian Diana Müller Bohórquez is where the wires of our network come together. Born in Germany, she lived for many years in Quito, the capital of Ecuador. There she studied and taught jazz singing, including a semester in New York. In the Netherlands she crowned her voice with a master's degree. Actually the festival jazzopen lured her to Stuttgart. Now she is also responsible for the good sound at Human Network.

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