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Pei-Jun Cheng

Our man in Beijing has three networks that he can link together: In Germany, in China - and in the global economy. Only born communicators can do that.

  • Emigrated from China to Germany at the age of eleven and his family. The following school education could hardly be more Baden-Württemberg: Abitur in Stuttgart, study of industrial engineering at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
  • When Pei-Jun refers to his surname, which is not necessarily typically Swabian, he replies that grandfather Kuan-Yung Cheng set off as early as the 1930s to seek his fortune in Stuttgart. Networks need roots
  • He crossed borders right after his studies: As a management trainee at Allianz in the Munich headquarters, in country management for Greater China
  • In 2006, Allianz sent him to his old home country to help manage the IPO of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) and to implement bancassurance with ICBC
  • Development and expansion are not just catchwords for him, but passions. The proof is in the preparations and establishment of Allianz branches in Sichuan and Beijing
  • At the age of 37, he was appointed as the first General Manager of the Sichuan branch of Allianz Life Insurance Company
  • In the increasingly important field of global communication, Pei-Jun works together with human network founder Manfred Boschatzke. They get to know and appreciate each other
  • Then, as Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of Allianz Global Assistance China, he builds up the financial services portfolio
  • As CEO of Controlexpert GmbH he does pioneering work in the digital world, among other things the first claims app for smartphones is created in China
  • Since 2015, Pei-Jun has been acting from Beijing as Chief Representative of the Allianz Group in China
  • The claim of human network reflects his philosophy of life and work for the new decade: Stay curious! In May 2020 he will therefore become Associated Partner

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