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Reiner Schloz

Let's hit the nail – for our interpreter and partner at Human Network that is how good communication starts.

  • motorbike reporter as a teenager, A-levels, editorial department traineeship, sports reporter in town, resulting in an interaction with the local and national football acrobats. His conclusion: The best stories you usually don't find on the pitch.
  • Still has to listen to stupid jokes because he once worked in advertising for two years. Advertising is extremely difficult – but not the love of his life.
  • As co-founder of a content agency he has undergone the whole metamorphosis shoulder to shoulder with his partner Elmar Brümmer: Headline, Kircher-Burkhardt Stuttgart, C3. And all the time he hasn't just taken care of the right position of commas.
  • His daily work: he has written books for all sorts of industries, developed magazines, newspapers and concepts and implemented them for many years, too. Analogously, digitally, crossmedially. Even likes internal communication. And discovers stories nobody else can see.
  • Is still writing columns for the daily newspaper.
  • Thinks that people who like to use words like “easy going“ and “funny“ often don't have the faintest idea what good entertainment is at all.: namely an intelligent, very sophisticated matter.
  • Keeps asking himself till today why so many people in this profession don't have any courage.
  • Recognizes himself somewhere between Bukowski and Hemingway but above all on his motorbike.
  • Life, love, food, football – he is suffering from a serious Italy quirk.
  • Is living with the conviction that tomorrow the sun will rise again. Even if you sometimes can't see it.

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