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Elmar Brümmer

His spectacles come off a digital printer, the head behind them is from analogous times. Our content nomad and partner at Human Network is absolutely convinced: content doesn't care how it gets attention. That's his conclusion of nearly four decades of journalism.

  • College of Journalism, editorial department traineeship, and ten years of work as a reporter, newspaper writer, and chief editor of various desks. So deadlines have not turned into enemies but friends.
  • Founder of a content agency when the word “start up“ had not been invented yet. “Headline“ turned into “KircherBurkhardt Stuttgart“ and eventually “C3 – Creative, Code and Content“ – he being partner, Managing Director and Creative Director.
  • With the help of his right hemisphere projects for renowned clients in the field of automobiles, finance, travel, HR, tech, VIP, loT.
  • A good story doesn't care where it is published: over 50 books, numerous pitches, excursions into screenplay writing, managing photo productions, the transformation from print into digital (and sometimes back, too), television appearances and radio features. Labelling of a complete museum and three further exhibitions with regard to content.
  • As Smart Creative, interdisciplinary development of numerous magazines, concepts and digital platforms, awarded with national and international prizes for creativity like the “red dot“, “ Best of Corporate Publishing“, “ Best of Content Marketing“.
  • As a content nomade he travels once a year around the world, or even twice. This creates new directions, a fundamental openness and his own view oft things.
  • Storyteller by heart and soul, passionate creator of content. Content and design can be separated, both of them require the love of detail. He hates when good ideas are not put into practice.
  • Extremely mobile work at weekends.: as freelance author Formula-1-features and reports for big newspapers (Süddeutsche, Neue Züricher, Stuttgarter Zeitung) and magazines (Stern, Wirtschaftswoche, Playboy).
  • What he believes: Herbert Burda's statement that people are not interested in anything more than in other people.

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